VPX / OpenVPX System Platforms, Backplanes,Chassis, and Accessories

VPX Overview

VPX is a broadly defined technology utilizing the latest in a variety of switch fabric technologies in 3U and 6U format blades. OpenVPX is the architecture framework that defines system level VPX interoperability for multi-vendor, multi-module, integrated system environments.

The OpenVPX framework defines clear interoperability points necessary for integration between Module to Module, Module to Backplane and Chassis. OpenVPX recommends, but does not specify development systems to assist evaluation, prototype and development of VPX systems. OpenVPX will evolve and include new fabric, connector and system technology as newer standards are defined.                                      Currently there are 16 profiles for 3U and 19 profiles for 6U backplanes in the OpenVPX specification.  




of Slots

Backplane Profile,




Overview VPX and OpenVPX Backplanes
3U 3+5 Hybrid, 3- VME64x Slots + 5- VPX Slots Full Mesh X4, Screw Terminal            B190350230           
3U 2 OpenVPX BKP3-DIS02-15.2.8-3, Screw Terminal B193201062
3U 3 OpenVPX BKP3-CEN03-15.2.9-3, Screw Terminal B193301060
3U 3 VPX Full Mesh X1, Slot Pitch 4HP, Screw Terminal + ATX  2.K2303020
3U 3 VPX Full Mesh X1, Slot Pitch 5HP, Screw Terminal 2.K2303011
3U 4 VPX Full Mesh X1, Slot Pitch 4HP, Screw Terminal + ATX  2.K2304010
3U 5 VPX Full Mesh X1, Slot Pitch 4HP, Screw Terminal + ATX 2.K2305010
3U 5 VPX Full Mesh X4, Slot Pitch 5HP, Screw Terminal + ATX B190305010
3U 6 OpenVPX BKP3-DIS06-15.2.14-3, Screw Terminal B193511460
3U 6 OpenVPX BKP3-DIS06-15.2.7-3, Screw Terminal B193511060
3U 6 OpenVPX BKP3-CEN06-15.2.2-3, Screw Terminal B193511560
3U 8 OpenVPX BKP3-CEN08-15.2.15-3, Screw Terminal + ATX B190308011
3U 8 OpenVPX BKP3-CEN08-15.2.16-3, Screw Terminal + ATX B190308020
3U 9 OpenVPX BKP3-CEN09-15.2.17-3, Screw Terminal B193811760
3U *NEW* 12 OpenVPX BKP3-CEN12-15.2.6-3, Screw Terminal B193102670
3U *NEW* 12 VPX BKP3-CEN12-15.2.6-3 + Expansion Plane, Screw Terminal B193102660
3U *NEW* 1+2 VPX VITA 66.4, Optical Fiber with BKP3-CEN03-15.6.X-3 B193126460
6U *NEW 1 VPX Development Backplane cascadable coming soon
6U *NEW 3 VPX Development Backplane, only Utility and IPMB routed B196300060
6U 5 OpenVPX BKP6-CEN05-11.2.5-3, Screw Terminal B196411060
6U 5 OpenVPX BKP6-DIS05-11.2.16-3, Screw Terminal B196501560
6U 6 OpenVPX BKP6-CEN06-11.2.8-3, Screw Terminal B196510860
6U 6 OpenVPX BKP6-DIS06-11.2.10-3, Screw Terminal B196511060
6U 6 OpenVPX BKP6-DIS06-11.2.15-3, Screw Terminal B196511560
6U 10 OpenVPX BKP6-CEN10-11.2.6-3, Screw Terminal B196821060
6U *NEW 10 OpenVPX BKP6-CEN10-11.2.4-3, Screw Terminal B196910460
6U 10 OpenVPX BKP6-CEN10-11.2.7-3, Screw Terminal coming soon
6U 12 OpenVPX BKP6-CEN12-11.2.9-3, Screw Terminal coming soon
6U 16 OpenVPX BKP6-CEN16-11.2.2-3, Screw Terminal B196161100






  • 3U and 6U
  • 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 slots
  • VPX and OpenVPX
  • 4 and 5HP pitch
  • Hybrid, full mesh, single and dual star, 1 and 2 switch slots







System Platforms
  • Open Frame Development chassis
  • 4 U
  • 8 slot hybrid 3U, 5 VME64x/3VPX
  • Vertical board mounting
  • Fan tray
  • System monitoring/remote shelf management available






  • Load Boards/Test Adapters
  • Open Frame Development Chassis
  • Intelligent Fan trays
  • Remote Shelf Management
  • Power Supplies






ATR rugged
  • 1/2 and 3/4 ATR Enclosures
  • Forced Air Conduction ATR
  • Fanless Conduction ATR
  • 3U-VPX Power Supplies