Other Backplanes


Hartmann offers backplanes for technologies including SMP, SMP-M, SMP16, Standard-bus 1:1, and ECB bus.



  • The SMPbus system is based on the 8080/8085/8088 processors
  • SMPbus is a bus system with monomaster capability and a synchronous bus protocol
  • An 8-bit format in a 64 kByte address space is used for the data transfer (16-bit addresses)
  • The specification calls for a clock frequency of 8 MHz


  • Like the SMPbus, SMP-M is synchronous and has monomaster capability.  The SMP-M bus includes 16-bit wide data words and can address a memory range of 1 MByte
  • SMP-M bus is an extended SMP bus.  The extensions include a total of 13 signals


  • SMP16 bus is a synchronous monomaster system with an 8/16-bit data width and 20-bit address bus
  • SMP16 can address a memory range of 1 MByte.  It provides 64 kByte for direct input/output and 4 kByte for memory mapped in put/output (MMIO)
  • Depending on the assemblies uses, 8 or 16-bit data transfer is possible.  8 cascadeable interrupt lines are integrated in the system

Standard Bus 1:1:

  • Conduction board pattern:  60 or 90 bus signal lines, rows A2 to A31, rows C2 to C31 connected  in parallel.  The screen lines are connected to A32, B32, C32 (GND)
  • Two power supply lines, row ABC1 (power supply), row ABC32 (GND line)
  • Four additional power supply lines for user writing
  • Up to two adaptation fields above the connector field (depending on overall bus length)

ECB bus:

  • The ECB bus system is an 8-bit parallel bus designed for the Z80 microprocessor family
  • Since there is no DIN/IEC/IEEE specification, several ECBbus pin assignments are on the market
  • The Hartmann ECBbus matches the Kontron ECB assignment
  • Its special layout design and large number of power supply potentials, the Hartmann ECBbus is suitable for universal use, including customer-specific applications