Custom Backplane Development

With over 35 years experience in backplane and system chassis design, customers rely on our expert knowledge for developing intelligent, practical solutions. 

Companies from military, aerospace, transportation, industrial automation, and medical imaging engage Hartmann as an active member of their design team to develop innovative products that fulfill their most exacting requirements. 

Our staff of experts have 100 man-years of experience in high-speed design.  To date, over 5,000 customers have trusted Hartmann to solve their specific routing issues, and turn them into field-proved solutions. Our in-depth knowledge extends across technologies, including VPX, VXS, VXI, VME/64x, CompactPCI, 2.16, CompactPCI express, AdvancedTCA, and H.110, as well as high-speed differential pair routing for Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express, Infiniband, and Serial Rapid I/O.  This comprehensive approach to design provides customers with quantifiable performance results of their designs without the added expense of multiple prototypes.



Custom Backplane Development

  • Hartmann uses Zuken CR5000 design software, a state-of-the-art integrated platform for verification-based backplane design

  • Sophisticated functionality for the design of multi-layer and high-speed boards, addressing design challenges such as Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, and EMC, while ensuring manufacturability

  • Routing rules and constraints ensure correct design implementation through automatic length balancing, impedance matching, overshoot, cross-talk limiting, and route shielding

  •  “What-if” analysis for layer stack changes, different track widths or track-to-track spacing mean it is easy to optimize single-ended or differential pair signal routing to meet sophisticated electrical constraints



Signal Integrity Testing

  • Circuit timing and signal integrity simulation provides our designers with the expected performance of the backplane through a fully integrated, complete Signal Integrity simulation toolset, with the Constraint Manager at its core

  • The same simulation tools are available within both schematic entry and board layout

  • Selected blocks and areas can be analyzed, evaluating electrical performance, reflection and crosstalk effects, and interconnect timing information

  • Simulation testing for Impedance, Propagation Delay Cross-talk, Attenuation, and Insertion/Return loss

Custom Backplane Development Process  

  • ANALOG CIRCUITS are our daily bread

  • Star-shaped line routing is something we handle regularly

  • The arrangement of layers and definition of locations for highly sensitive conductors even in mixed analog/digital circuits has a significant influence on product quality

  • Fast digital circuits combined with maximum packing densities can be designed interactively with the assistance of our CAD system

  • Lines are either bundled or routed far apart according to their function

  • Short line lengths for fast and interference-free data transfer are chosen as early as during the decisive placement phase


  • Having each signal at the right place and at the right time is extremely important for fast synchronous bus systems

  • We calculate and route the required line lengths, giving your design the desired speed kick.



  • Uniform impedance of all signal lines on boards with numerous layers prevents undesirable reflections

  • Signal terminations are calculated and integrated

  • High precision TIME DOMAIN REFLECTOMETRY measuring equipment enables us to present the design results to you upon request



With data rates increasing rapidly, Hartmann designs are capable of handling the latest chip technology


  • Switched mode power supplies – in digital and/or analog circuits – have a mind of their own

  • For this reason, they are assigned special rules in the layout and must be strictly separated from their surroundings

  • We determine currents, voltages, voltage drops, insulation spacing, conductor widths, and shielding needs, and use them in the right places.




  • An EMC-compliant layout is an important feature of any successful design

  • Effects from external or supplementary components can be analyzed and fixed before PCB manufacturing


We continually update the relevant standards  for layout design in our library, enabling all employees quick and reliable access to the latest regulations





  • A sophisticated, dynamic control system developed in-house for layout designs prevents fault propagation

  • Hartmann Electronic is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001



  • We supply complete documentation including:  all layout information (in .PDF format), and all production documents required for the printed circuit board and for assembly

  • All documentation is held in strict confidence