CompactPCI & cPCI SERIAL Backplanes

CompactPCI bus is compatible with the PCI bus known from the PC world regarding electrical specifications. The mechanical specifications were adapted to the commonly used Euro-board plug in systems for 19" racks. 

Hartmann backplane design is based on the HIGH-SPEED concept, and fully complies with the PICMG 2.0 R 3.0 specification.

Our designs are distinguished by an energy buffering feature which works across the entire frequency range.  This guarantees improved reliability thanks to more stable supply voltages directly at the slot in conjunction with fluctuating loads.

  • CompactPCI



    Nb. of slots

    Power Connections

    RA Standard 3U Right 2 – 21 busbar/screws (8 slot adds ATX)
    RB Standard 3U Right 1 – 8 ATX
    RB Pro 3U Right 1 – 20 ATX and busbar/screws
    RC Standard 3U Right 1 – 8 DIN 41612 type M
    RC Pro 3U Right 1 – 8 DIN 41612 type M and busbar/screws
    RD Standard 3U Right 1 – 8 P 47
    RD Pro 3U Right 1 – 8 P 47 and busbar/screws
    LA 3U Left 2 – 8 Busbar/screws
    RA 3U Right 2 – 8 Busbar/screws
    RB Standard 6U Right 1 – 8 ATX
    RB Pro 6U Right 1 – 20 ATX and busbar/screws
    LA 6U Left 2 – 8 Busbar/screws
    Horizontal 6 + 3U Left 2, 4, 8 P 47

Additional Features:

  • Fan control:  6 fans monitored, fan speed programmable (no PWM signal necessary)
  • Fully controlled, programmable trip thresholds (min/max voltage, max current, power, temperature)
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Generation and detection of VME/cPCI RESET and ACFAIL
  • ON/OFF switch, IN/OUT-Connector on the front panel
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for real-time processing of all measured data
  • Powered by 5V bus voltage or separate power supply
  • Ethernet connection IEEE 802.3, 10BASE-T, and IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX
  • www-Server integrated, full control via SNMP protocol
  • RS232 and I2C interface for connection of other devices in the system
  • PC-Control (connected to USB) with free software available
  • Firmware update possible
  • Configuration permanently saved in EEPROM
  • IP Address is settable to a fixed value or configurable via DHCP
  • Different security levels access
  • Automatic data logging on Windows/Linux computers possible
  • The CML has built-in web-server which allows the monitoring of the power supply with a standard web browser.  Any write access to the web page (such as switch ON/OFF) requires a user name and password (Default User name “private”, default password “private”)
  • SNMP Control:  SNMP is generally used to monitor and control computers and routers.  Weiner has claimed a specific part of the SNMP name space and implemented power supply specific items there.  A detailed description of the SNMP functionality can be found in the corresponding MIB file (WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt)