CompactPCI Backplanes

CompactPCI bus is compatible with the PCI bus known from the PC world regarding electrical specifications. The mechanical specifications were adapted to the commonly used Euro-board plug in systems for 19" racks. 

Hartmann backplane design is based on the HIGH-SPEED concept, and fully complies with the PICMG 2.0 R 3.0 specification.

Our designs are distinguished by an energy buffering feature which works across the entire frequency range.  This guarantees improved reliability thanks to more stable supply voltages directly at the slot in conjunction with fluctuating loads.

Standard features include:

  • Monolithic 3U and 6U multilayer backplanes
  • Continuous electrically conductive ground surface located in the area where the board is mounted to the card rack
  • 6-pin JTAG connector for boundary scan
  • 10 or 14-pin utility connector for the special signals of the power supply and external LED's

Product Families available:


# slots
Power Connections
3U Right 2 - 21 busbar/screws
(8 slot adds ATX)
3U Right 1 – 8 ATX
3U Right 1 - 20 ATX and busbar/screws
3U Right 1 – 8 DIN 41612 type M
3U Right 1 – 8 DIN 41612 type M and busbar/screws
3U Right 1 – 8 P 47
3U Right 1 – 8 P 47 and busbar/screws
3U Left 2 – 8 Busbar/screws
3U Right 2 – 8 Busbar/screws
6U Right 1 – 8 ATX
6U Right 1 – 20 ATX and busbar/screws
6U Left 2 – 8 Busbar/screws
6 + 3U Left 2, 4, 8 P 47


Custom Solutions:

Hartmann Electronic has been designing custom analog, digital, and mixed signal high-speed boards for over 35 years, with over 5,000 custom designs to date. Using state of the art design tools and fully automated production equipment, we provide custom solutions that fulfill the most exacting requirements with maximum packaging density.

Learn about our custom backplane capabilities